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    About the conference

    DigitalMediaCon is a three-day online conference focusing exclusively on digital media and marketing for Christian communicators.

    The 2024 conference will feature sessions addressing
    Artificial Intelligence (AI).

    The event is produced by the Evangelical Press Association (EPA) with the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE) as the co-presenting organization. An additional seven Christian media associations are participating partners.

    A virtual conference platform will provide a single login space where registered attendees can conveniently access live and recorded sessions, set an agenda, interact through networking with community discussion boards and meetups, and browse the virtual exhibit floor. The platform will provide access to all sessions for ninety days after the conference concludes.

    A Conference all about Digital Communications and E-Marketing!

    SESSION speakers

    There are fifteen sessions featuring ministry and industry leaders, individuals who have risen to the top of their professions and are widely respected for their skills and knowledge. This is where you will be challenged, trained, and equipped to take your skills to a higher level. For the 2023 conference, five of the 15 sessions will address various aspects of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

    Chief Technology Officer | Global Media Outreach

    Yvonne Carlson

    Yvonne Carlson | Global Media Outreach

    Asia Editor | Christianity Today

    Sean Cheng

    Sean Cheng | Christianity Today

    Director, Land Center for Cultural Engagement | Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

    Daniel Darling

    Daniel Darling | SW Baptist Theological Seminary

    Associate Professor of Communication | Andrews University

    Heather Thompson Day

    Heather Thompson Day | Andrews University

    Co-founder |

    Brandon Giella

    Brandon Giella |

    Chief Innovation Officer | SIL International

    Jon Hirst

    Jon Hirst | SIL International

    Kenny Jahng

    Kenny Jahng |

    Developmental and Acquisitions Editor | Crossway

    Samuel James

    Samuel James | Crossway

    Teaching Assistant | Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

    Lark Kelsey

    Lark Kelsey | Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

    Professor of Journalism & Integrated Media | Biola University

    Michael Longinow

    Michael Longinow | Biola University

    CEO | Digital Growth Mastery

    Kirsten McKinney

    Kirsten McKinney | Digital Growth Mastery

    Social & Digital Marketing Manager | FrontGate Media

    Katie Nguyen

    Katie Nguyen | FrontGate Media

    Speaker, Author, and Host of the Happy Home Podcast

    Arlene Pellicane

    Arlene Pellicane | Speaker, Author, Podcast Host

    Reader, Writer and Professor

    Karen Swallow Prior

    Karen Swallow Prior | Reader, Writer, Professor

    Assistant Professor | Hubbard School of Journalism & Mass Communication

    Allison Steinke

    Allison Steinke | Hubbard School of Journalism

    Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Ethics | Boyce College/SBTS

    Jason Thacker

    Jason Thacker | Boyce College

    CEO | Castle Media Group LLC | Author Media

    Thomas Umstattd, Jr.

    Thomas Umstattd, Jr. | Castle Media Group

    COO | Trinet Internet Solutions, Inc.

    Ron Weber

    Ron Weber | Trinet Internet Solutions

    Writer, Lecturer

    Rusty Wright

    Rusty Wright | Writer, Lecturer

    Editor-in-Chief | World Vision Magazine

    Kristy Glaspie

    Kristy Glaspie | World Vision Magazine

    Communications Consultant

    Ben Stapley

    Ben Stapley | Communications Consultant

    Communications Specialist | World Vision Magazine

    Amy Van Drunen

    Amy Van Drunen | World Vision Magazine

    conference schedule

    day 1 agenda

    Tuesday, October 24, 2023

    12:00 pm (ET)

    Introduction to Day 1 Hosted by Lamar Keener, EPA Director, and Sarah Kropp Brown, NAE VP of Communications

    12:00 pm (ET) - 12:10 pm (ET)

    Join us as we kick off DigitalMediaCon 4.0 with an overview of what to expect and how to navigate the virtual conference.

    12:15 pm (ET)

    PANEL: Digital Culture: Changing Us and Changing the World Karen Swallow Prior (moderator) - Reader, Writer, Educator

    12:15 pm (ET) - 1:10 pm (ET)

    What is happening to us—and to the world—in this digital age is unprecedented. Or is it? Have we been here before? Almost 600 years ago the printing press changed everything. It brought chaos, confusion, literacy, and the Bible to the world and even brought a Reformation. This panel will consider insights and perspectives from history that can help us navigate the current concerns, challenges, and revolutions being brought by the digital age.


    Panelists: Heather Thompson Day, Lark Kelsey, Samuel James

    12:15 PM (ET)

    Marketing Pit: From Pitfall to Profit Kirsten McKinney - CEODigital Growth Mastery

    12:15 PM (ET) - 1:10 PM (ET)

    Are you tired of pouring money into your marketing efforts with little results? What if I told you that even successful organizations often unknowingly lose money in their marketing every single month? Now, picture unraveling the secret to recapturing those lost profits in your marketing campaigns. In this captivating session, Kirsten McKinney unveils the treasure map that leads to reclaiming your lost profit. With her expertise, she highlights the eight most prevalent marketing pitfalls and equips you with powerful strategies to avoid them.

    1:30 PM (ET)


    1:30 PM (ET) - 2:25 PM (ET)

    AI will have significant impacts on many of the jobs that people do today. Get insight into the ways AI will impact work and the implications of that for staff and leaders alike. Jon takes an optimistic but realistic look at what it will look like to lean into what makes us human as we seek to honor God as we pursue our careers in media and ministry.


    What you will learn:

    • Explore a Kingdom approach to assessing which roles to allow AI to do and which roles should be done by humans.

    • Understand the AI trends driving the changes in how we do our work.

    • Learn how to evaluate options and develop a God-honoring approach to engaging with AI as you pursue your career.

    1:30 PM (ET)

    Creating Digital Vegetables in Candy Land Arlene Pellicane - Speaker, Author, and Host of the Happy Home Podcast

    1:30 PM (ET) - 2:25 PM (ET)

    All digital content is not equal. Arlene Pellicane will explain the difference between digital vegetables and digital candy. How can you engage readers with your “nutritious” content in our glitzy, candy-laden online world?


    What you will learn:
    • Why digital candy hooks readers
    • How to leverage the power of bad
    • How to help readers crave your content

    2:45 PM (ET)

    Reaching Twenty-somethings Whose Entire World Comes to Them in Social Media Michael Longinow - Professor of Journalism & Integrated MediaBiola University

    2:45 PM (ET) - 3:40 PM (ET)

    Your most faithful audience is probably your age or older (maybe much older). Those in their late teens and twenties might not even be aware of your publication or media messages. But you can change that. It won’t happen overnight, but you can get their attention with some fairly simple fixes — and a lot of persistence and intentionality (topped with a dose of humility). Young people are the future, and the sooner you can hook them into your message and mission, the more likely they’ll grow up to be you, or some version of what you and your team are doing. You might even hire one or two of them.


    What you will learn:
    This session will get you thinking about speed, visuals, repetition, and the kinds of messages that get collapsed into a few words. Henri Nouwen says we waste words on things that are so important, they require brevity. That’s part of the key element you’ll take away from this crucial session.

    2:45 PM (ET)

    Digital Evangelism on the Chinese Internet Sean Cheng - Asia EditorChristianity Today

    2:45 PM (ET) - 3:40 PM (ET)

    Sean Cheng, who has 28 years of experience in evangelism on the Chinese Internet, will review the history and current status of Chinese Christian endeavors in digital mission. He will share his reflection on the lessons leaned and recommendations for those who are called to be involved in the future. He will introduce to the audience Internet resources for evangelizing the Chinese both in China and around the world.

    4:00 PM (ET)


    4:00 PM (ET) - 5:00 PM (ET)

    Click on the ON-DEMAND SESSIONS tab above to see the selection of videos from past conferences. Two of these will be unlocked each day of the conference. Once unlocked, they can be watched on-demand anytime.

    day 2 agenda

    Wednesday, October 25, 2023

    12:00 PM (ET)

    Introduction to Day 2 Hosted by Lamar Keener, EPA Director, and Sarah Kropp Brown, NAE VP of Communications

    12:00 PM (ET) - 12:10 PM (ET)

    Join us for a review of Day 1 highlights and what to expect on Day 2.

    12:15 PM (ET)

    Love It or Leave It? Christian Ethics, Generative AI, and Publishing Jason Thacker - Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Ethics Boyce College/Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

    12:15 PM (ET) - 1:10 PM (ET)

    No matter where we turn these days, it seems that everyone is talking about how artificial intelligence is (and will continue to) radically alter everything about our lives. From our work to our families, we are already using these tools whether we realize it or not. As we seek to cultivate wisdom and discernment in navigating our digital age, how does God call us to respond and think about AI and its vast implications on writing, reporting, and publishing? No matter what challenges we may face today or into the future, God is reminding his people to love him and love our neighbor as ourselves especially in the work he has called us to do.

    12:15 PM (ET)

    Building Buzz: Practical Tips for Promoting Your Content and Reaching a Larger Audience Katie Nguyen - Social & Digital Marketing ManagerFrontgate Media

    12:15 PM (ET) - 1:10 PM (ET)

    Struggling to get eyes and ears on all of the great content you’ve created? You are not alone. In this talk, Katie Nguyen, Social & Digital Marketing Manager for the multi-award-winning Christian agency FrontGate Media, will give you practical tips for creating video and audio hooks that get people’s attention. She will also share trade tips to get your content in front of more people.  From engaging influencers & bloggers to podcasting to partnering with websites, and more… you will walk away inspired and equipped to get your message out to a larger audience in a way that draws people into what you have to say.

    1:30 PM (ET)

    Enhancing Efficiency: Mastering AI and Automation in Everyday Tasks Yvonne Carlson - Chief Technology OfficerGlobal Media Outreach

    1:30 PM (ET) - 2:25 PM (ET)

    Dive into the transformative world of AI and automation with this practical workshop. Learn how cutting-edge AI solutions can simplify complex tasks, boost efficiency, and make your everyday life and work processes smoother. From personal to professional, discover the myriad ways AI can be your efficient assistant.

    1:30 PM (ET)

    TELL OUR STORY: RESISTING CYNICISM AND SPREADING JOY IN OUR ONLINE DISCOURSE Daniel Darling - Director Land Center for Cultural Engagement, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

    1:30 PM (ET) - 2:25 PM (ET)

    Cynicism has become a cottage industry, especially online, especially among evangelicals. And to be honest, we have our share of scandals and epic fails. But if we are not careful, we’ll let ourselves and our organizations become catechized by bad headlines. We’ll miss what God is doing in the world among his people. This is not a call to naiveté, but to look up and see what God is doing and to tell that story—in our social media engagement, in our public witness, in the stories we tell.


    What you will learn:
    • How to evaluate your online disposition
    • How to recognize the whole story
    • Why you should ask yourself if what you are doing promotes unity or division
    • How to recognize where God is at work and tell that story

    2:45 PM (ET)

    New Trends in Digital Media and How We Can Leverage ThemRon Weber - Chief Operating Officer Trinet Internet Solutions, Inc.

    2:45 PM (ET) - 3:40 PM (ET)

    What new digital trends for 2023 can you leverage to reach more people with your ministry and media? Join digital media expert Ron Weber, Chief Operating Officer at Trinet Internet Solutions for this important strategic update. He will cover five key digital areas you will want to address to ensure that your organization is operating at peak digital effectiveness.


    What you will learn:
    • How to discover new digital trends
    • How to explore new digital trends affecting your ministry and media
    • How to immediately leverage new digital trends

    2:45 PM (ET)

    Communicating Christ to Secular Digital AudiencesRusty Wright - Writer, Lecturer

    2:45 PM (ET) - 3:40 PM (ET)

    Could God use your talents, websites and publications to influence nonChristians for Christ online? Learn how secular readers think and feel, what they want and why.  Practical tools for analyzing your audience, tapping your users’ felt needs, grabbing attention, touching hearts and minds, and sensitively communicating spiritual truth.


    What you will learn:
    • Discover where nonbelievers itch, and how to scratch there
    • Translate “Christianese” into normal HumanSpeak
    • Help your Christian users connect digitally with secular friends, neighbors and coworkers

    4:00 PM (ET)


    4:00 PM (ET) - 5:00 PM (ET)

    Click on the ON-DEMAND SESSIONS tab above to see the selection of videos from past conferences. Two of these will be unlocked each day of the conference. Once unlocked, they can be watched on-demand anytime.

    day 3 agenda

    Thursday, October 26, 2023

    12:00 PM (ET)

    Introduction to Day 1 Hosted by Lamar Keener, EPA Director, and Sarah Kropp Brown, NAE VP of Communications

    12:00 PM (ET) - 12:10 PM (ET)

    Join us for a review of Day 2 highlights and what to expect on this final day of DigitalMediaCon 4.0

    12:15 PM (ET)

    How to Unlock The Power of AI for PublishingKenny Jahng - Digital Entrepreneur and Innovation Consultant

    12:15 PM (ET) - 1:10 PM (ET)

    Instead of latching on to F.O.L.O. (Fear of Looming Obselescence) regarding AI and your future, you have options in the choose own adventure story that’s unfolding in front of your eyes. Kenny Jahng will introduce a different perspective that you can use to help you flourish in a world where AI is becoming ubiquitous. Go from intimidation to inspiration once you understand key concepts so that you can use AI to flourish in your work.


    What you will learn:
    • What is generative AI?
    • What is it good for? What is not good for?
    • Sample use cases of integrating AI into content workflows

    12:15 PM (ET)

    Platform Boosting Email Newsletters Thomas Umstattd, Jr. - CEO Castle Media Group LLC | Author Media

    12:15 PM (ET) - 1:10 PM (ET)

    Learn cutting-edge techniques to get more email subscribers, avoid spam filters, and craft the kind of emails that subscribers want to forward to friends.

    1:30 PM (ET)

    Digital & Social Content Development for Brand Communications Allison Steinke - Assistant ProfessorHubbard School of Journalism & Mass Communication

    1:30 PM (ET) - 2:25 PM (ET)

    This workshop focuses on the conceptual and practical skills necessary for content creators, editors, and managers to create, produce, publish and distribute content for brands. The workshop will address new technologies for branded storytelling including various forms of online video, longer form digital content such as blogs and web sites, and social media community content created for social platforms. The workshop will also incorporate elements of user experience and the skills necessary to adapt and modify content in an iterative process after analyzing audience data, and will also discuss emerging trends including influencer marketing and partnerships.


    What you will learn:
    • Best practices to develop and manage a brand’s voice/tone on digital and social media platforms
    • How to create a compelling, flexible, & adaptable content strategy & editorial calendar based on analytics &amd search engine optimization (SEO) principles to optimize your brand/organization’s user &and customer experience (UX/CX)
    • How to utilize and monitor analytics to build social media communities and advocates and adapt the plan based on engagement

    1:30 PM (ET)

    Live Demo: Using AI to Create Multimedia Content Fast Brandon Giella -

    1:30 PM (ET) - 2:25 PM (ET)

    AI has changed the way we consume and create content. It will soon be second nature for any content creator, but only if you know how to harness its power. In this session, learn how to turn an idea into a video, blog, presentation, landing page, social media posts, and podcast in a matter of minutes.


    What you will learn:
    • How to use AI tools to create multimedia content
    • How to understand AI limits
    • How to use tools like Notion, Descript, Tome, Synthesia, Supercreator, and more

    2:45 PM (ET)

    Digital Storytelling: How to Build an Effective and Engaging Story Site Kristy Glaspie - Editor-in-Chief World Vision MagazineAmy Van Drunen - Communications SpecialistWorld Vision Magazine

    2:45 PM (ET) - 3:40 PM (ET)

    In this busy world and crowded digital landscape, how do you create a story site that will actually be effective? You can have the best content in the world, but if nobody sees it, it doesn’t really matter. And even if they see it, you could have the most amazing stories, but if your pages aren’t engaging, nobody will scroll and read it all. Come learn how World Vision built an award-winning story site that gets around 4 million pageviews every year and the best practices they learned that can help you build and improve your own story site, regardless of your staff size or budget.


    What you will learn:
    • How to decide what pieces of content to create
    • How to build an annual content calendar so you have more time and clarity to create
    • How to work with the resources you have to make your pages more engaging
    • Be inspired by some really beautiful stories we’ve created

    2:45 PM (ET)

    The Art of Creating Compelling Video Stories Ben Stapley | Communications Consultant

    2:45 PM (ET) - 3:40 PM (ET)

    Video stories are powerful ways to convey a message for any Christian content creator. But you need to create an intimate environment for these vulnerable stories to be shared. So I will share many practical principles to help get unseasoned interviewers up to speed for the interviewing process. That process involves three phases — the pre interview, before you hit record and during the interview. And these principles will apply to you regardless of how small or large your organization is. So if you are a sole entrepreneur using their iPhone to capture stories, or a full time videographer with access to a recording studio, these principles will apply to you.

    4:00 PM (ET)


    4:00 PM (ET) - 5:00 PM (ET)

    Click on the ON-DEMAND SESSIONS tab above to see the selection of videos from past conferences. Two of these will be unlocked each day of the conference. Once unlocked, they can be watched on-demand anytime.


    Watch any time on-demand


    Digital Culture: How Technology Shapes Us Ed Stetzer - Dean Talbot School of Theology


    Evangelical missiologist and researcher Ed Stetzer takes a broad look at how digital technology has evolved into what it is today and how it has created a cultural moment for evangelical leaders to assess their impact in the world. How do we shift from digital as a tool for mission to both a tool and a context for mission? How do we leverage digital space to learn from the majority world? How can we move from discipling with digital tools and spaces to discipling for digital spaces?


    From Amazon to VeggieTales: How to Build Products and Market on Digital Platforms Erick Goss - Co-founder/CEO Minno


    Erick Goss, formerly of Amazon, is the co-founder and CEO of Minno, a streaming platform for Christian kids. In this talk, Erick shares lessons he has learned from spending the last 25 years working in digital. He gives a masterclass on effective digital marketing in uncertain times and how to build products customers love.


    What you will learn:
    • The value of a growth team
    • How to execute high tempo testing
    • The four elements of user flow
    • Why having a strong brand is essential
    • Why analytics and storytelling are equally important


    The High Calling of a Christian Communicator Jen Bennett - Strategic Communication Professor Indiana Wesleyan University



    Search Engine Optimization for Content Creators Thomas Umstattd, Jr. - CEO Castle Media Group LLC | Author Media


    Learn how Google works, what it is looking for, and simple tweaks you can make to your articles that will make a big difference in your rankings. Google can be an amazing source of free traffic, if you know how to optimize correctly.


    Podcasting: Creating Killer Content and Repurposing It Misty Phillip - Founder/PodcasterSpark Media


    Discover how to create killer content, break it into smaller pieces, and then repurpose it. Learn how to use a podcast to create brand awareness and build brand authority, and up your game with best practices for podcast guesting.


    33 Secrets for Dynamic Online Engagement Ron Forseth - Founder/CEO America’s Top Lists


    This session offers an array of high impact insights in effective digital engagement including advertising techniques, data capture and use, and social media strategies, with additional insights for online fundraising and email.


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