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    About the conference

    Digital Media Con is a three-day online conference focusing exclusively on digital media and marketing for Christian communicators.

    The event is produced by the Evangelical Press Association (EPA) with the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) as the co-presenting organization. An additional seven Christian media associations are participating partners.

    A virtual conference platform will provide a single login space where registered attendees can conveniently access live and recorded sessions, set an agenda, interact through networking with community discussion boards and meetups, and browse the virtual exhibit floor. The platform will provide access to all sessions for sixty days after the conference concludes.

    conference KEYNOTE SPEAKERS

    Phil Cooke | Filmmaker, Writer, Media Consultant

    Tuesday Opening Session
    October 27, 12:00 p.m. ET

    Filmmaker, writer, media consultant, and founder of Cooke Media Group, Phil Cooke has produced media programming in more than 60 countries around the world. He’s created and produced many of the most influential and successful Christian and inspirational TV programs in history, and his new book, “Maximize Your Influence,” is changing the way church and ministry leaders engage today’s digital culture with the gospel.

    Nona Jones | Head of Global Faith-Based Partnerships for Facebook

    Wednesday Opening Session
    October 28, 12:00 p.m. ET

    Nona Jones is a rare combination of preacher, author, business executive, entrepreneur, media personality and worship leader. In her day job she serves as the Head of Global Faith-Based Partnerships at Facebook where she leads the company’s work with faith-based organizations around the world. She is also CEO of eChurch Partners. Her memoir, “Success from the Inside Out,” was published by Zondervan Publishers in early 2020.

    Jim Denison | Chief Vision Officer for The Denison Forum

    Thursday Opening Session
    October 29, 12:00 p.m. ET

    Dr. Jim Denison is a co-founder and the CVO of Denison Forum. Prior to launching Denison Forum in 2009, he pastored churches in Texas and Georgia. He is a widely sought speaker, podcaster and subject-matter expert on radio about cultural issues from a biblical perspective. Through The Daily Article, his email newsletter and podcast globally that reach 270,000+ subscribers, Dr. Denison’s social media following has a reach of 1.8 million, with over 400,000 Facebook followers.

    A Conference all about Digital Communications and E-Marketing!

    conference schedule

    day 1 agenda

    Tuesday, October 27

    12:00 pm (ET)

    KEYNOTE: Maximize Your Influence in Today’s Digital Culture Phil Cooke - Filmmaker, Writer, Media Consultant Cooke Media Group

    12:00 pm (ET) - 12:45 pm (ET)

    Everything you know about ministry has changed. As a ministry leader or professional communicator in today’s media-driven digital culture, your greatest challenge is getting your voice and message heard. No matter how important your talent or calling, if nobody’s listening, then you’ve failed. The digital revolution has changed everything about the way we communicate the gospel, and in this session, Phil Cooke will share the most important principles for how to break through and get your message heard.

    1:00 PM (ET)

    Teaching Your Audience to be Truth Sleuths Al Tompkins - Senior Faculty for Online MediaThe Poynter Institute

    1:00 PM (ET) - 1:55 PM (ET)

    You put a lot of effort into making sure your reporting is fair, true and accurate. But your audiences are under barrage from a firehose of social media, right-wing, left-wing, dark web, conspiracy groups and it is time for you to spend some energy teaching “media literacy.” In short, this session provides a framework for you to plan a way to make your audience(s) savvy media consumers.

    Imagine your work being used by Sunday Schools and Wednesday night classes with special attention on Seniors and younger consumers of social media how to separate truth from rumor, how to ask questions about studies, polls and whether images have been altered.

    2:30 PM (ET)

    Become a Facebook Marketing Pro Brooke Miles - Social Media ConsultantDelaware ShoutOut

    2:30 PM (ET) - 3:30 PM (ET)

    Do you have a Facebook business page, but you’re not getting the results you want to promote your business? Learn proven techniques and streamlined strategies that deliver results. Topics include:

    • Static and dynamic content strategies
    • Building your audience
    • Video marketing
    • Facebook advertising
    • Leveraging Facebook groups alongside your business page

    Walk away with ideas you can use right away!

    4:00 PM (ET)

    8 Things to Know About the Mobile Revolution Clyde Taber/Teresa ArtisVisual Story Network

    4:00 PM (ET) - 5:00 PM (ET)

    Do you know how to cater your message to mobile devices? Here are eight things you need to know to stay current.

    day 2 agenda

    Wednesday, October 28, 2020

    12:00 PM (ET)

    KEYNOTE: Social Media to Social Ministry Nona Jones - Entrepreneur, Media Personality, Author

    12:00 PM (ET) - 12:45 PM (ET)

    Digital discipleship principles will be presented for building an online community with practical instruction on how to do it no matter how big or small your organization may be.

    1:00 PM (ET)

    Case Study: How Global Media Outreach Reaches Billions with the Gospel Randy Valentine - Chief Marketing OfficerGlobal Media Outreach

    1:00 PM (ET) - 1:55 PM (ET)

    Hear the history and results metrics of how Global Outreach Mission used digital technology to reach more than two billion worldwide with the Gospel. GMO’s Chief Marketing Officer, Randy Valentine, will be interviewed by veteran journalist Steve Rabey.

    2:30 PM (Et)

    Email Best Practices: Achieving Deeper Audience Engagement Lou Ann Sabatier - Media & Communications Consultant Sabatier Consulting

    2:30 PM (Et) - 3:30 PM (ET)

    Even in uncertain times, your audience maintains their email inboxes with a keen eye. The first permission-based digital marketing channel, email remains the highest driver of ROI. It’s one of the earliest touchpoints to introduce your brand and content to your audience. The accessibility, reliability, and cost-effectiveness of email remains constant.

    But using email to market and communicate during times of crisis can be tricky. It takes data-driven decisions as well as a thoughtful touch to create email that moves your audience closer to important moments. To help you navigate this uncertain email landscape, Sabatier will share tried-and-true tips and insight to guide you. This session will cover:

    • How Covid-19 has impacted email
    • Setting goals and measures
    • Building trust with your audience
    • Designing email for maximum impact
    • Delivering meaningful content
    • Integrating with your audience customer experience

    If you’re just getting started with email — or if you’re looking to improve what you’ve already built — this session will help you create email that resonates with your audience and proves its own value.

    4:00 PM (ET)

    So You Wanna Be a Podcaster? Morgan Lee - Digital Media Producer Christianity Today

    4:00 PM (ET) - 5:00 PM (ET)

    All would-be podcasters need in 2020 is a microphone, a recorder, and a cool logo, right? Right…and wrong. Christianity Today’s Morgan Lee has hosted and produced three podcasts, including the publication’s longest-running and most-popular show Quick to Listen. In this session she will walk  you through what you need to know to make compelling audio in a world where seemingly everyone has a podcast.

    day 3 agenda

    Thursday, October 29, 2020

    12:00 PM (ET)

    KEYNOTE: Navigating the Technological Opportunities and Ethical Challenges of our Day Jim Denison - Chief Vision Officer The Denison Forum

    12:00 PM (ET) - 12:45 PM (ET)

    Writers and communicators are experiencing an unprecedented advance in technological opportunity. You can reach more people and do it more efficiently than ever before. How do you balance the opportunities before us with the ethical challenges they present? In this address, we will examine issues made possible by digital technology such as manipulating research data and images, aggregating unverified content, falsifying or fabricating research, and violating the privacy of readers through cookies and even more invasive means. We’ll identify a path to defining our unchanging values and applying them to the ever-changing outcomes of our day. And we’ll embrace the fact that we are alive and working in these days of historic challenges and opportunities by the plan and providence of God.

    1:00 PM (ET)

    Social Media for Publishers Heidi Thompson - Director of Social Media MarketingShanley & Associates

    1:00 PM (ET) - 1:55 PM (ET)

    The social media platforms are very good at getting publishers to work for them. We provide great content, highly engaged readers and spirited online conversations. But what has social media done for you lately? What “job” does social media perform for your publication? In this workshop, we’ll review the major (and emerging) social media platforms, who is on each platform, and how publishers can leverage social media to find readers, subscribers and donors. We’ll also talk about the key metrics to monitor and how to make sure the time and resources your organization is sinking into social are really helping you advance your mission.

    2:30PM (ET)

    Developing The Right Web Strategy Mark Dreistadt - CEO | Andy Walker - Director of Integrated CommunicationsInfinity Concepts

    2:30PM (ET) - 3:30 PM (ET)

    It is clear that every publication and every organization needs a professional website. But what is not always clear is what the publication wants the website to accomplish. Websites can be so much more than an online brochure or newsletter. Clearly defining the desired results is the first step in establishing the right web strategy. These objectives should then inform every aspect of a publication’s website and online presence. Sadly, this is often not the case. In this practical workshop, we will discuss the most common objectives your publication or organization may want to achieve online and provide practical solutions to move your online strategy from chaos to clarity.

    4:00 PM (ET)

    The Web We Want: Practical Tips for Digital Designers Zack Bryant - Studio Director | Jeremy Cherry - Senior Digital Designer Journey Group

    4:00 PM (ET) - 5:00 PM (ET)

    Journey Group’s Jeremy Cherry and Zack Bryant will share lessons learned working shoulder-to-shoulder serving organizations large and small. They’ll talk process, tools, and best practices for those who design for screens, and show a few favorite examples of where they hope the web is headed.


    Watch any time on-demand


    Google vs GOD: Censorship and SEO Tactics in a Hostile Anti-Truth Environment Greg Outlaw - SEO Consultant All About God


    At least 70 non-profit Christian websites have lost an average of 44.8% of their organic traffic coming from Google via SEO since June 2019. Google has become the arbiter of facts and truth leading to clear viewpoint discrimination against political conservatives and conservative Christian values/worldview. The Gospel is being suppressed online like never before. Additionally, certain worldview search terms that have regularly been used by conservative Christian websites to share their beliefs and the gospel are being replaced with liberal websites leading to behavioral modification of those people that use Google. The information you will learn was requested by Senator Josh Hawley in writing. You will get that report plus take away actionable tactics of what you can do technologically to combat this sinister agenda today and into the future.


    10 Key Things a Christian Communicator Should Know about Social Media and Integrated Marketing Communications - Part I Ron Weber - CEO Trinet Internet Solutions, Inc.


    Social media and integrated marketing communications have changed, and communicators are faced with the challenge to create a modern, unified, and seamless communications experience. Communicators need to understand key social media and integrated marketing concepts if they are going to thrive in this current marketplace. Learn how to master the current social media landscape. Learn how to bridge the virtual world with the physical world using the strengths of each social media channel. Learn proven strategies how to establish and achieve short-term and long-term goals. Learn how to become a growth hacker by cutting through the distractions and learning to focus on the marketing strategies that are going to bring the most effective and lasting growth for your organization.


    10 Key Things a Christian Communicator Should Know about Social Media and Integrated Marketing Communications - Part II Ron Weber - CEO Trinet Internet Solutions, Inc.


    In part 2 of this two-part series, we will cover the four parts of a digital funnel:

    1. Attract – Top of Funnel Strategies
    2. Engage – Middle of Funnel Strategies
    3. Acquire – Bottom of Funnel Strategies
    4. Retain – Post-Funnel Strategies

    Learn proven strategies how to establish and achieve short-term and long-term goals. Learn how to become a growth hacker by cutting through the distractions and learning to focus on the marketing strategies that are going to bring the most effective and lasting growth for your organization.


    Captain Marvel, Disney+ and Star Wars: 8 Content Marketing Lessons Your Brand Can Learn from Walt Disney Studios Hilary Sutton - CEOHSL Digital


    Walt Disney Studios has undergone massive change that has gotten incredible results: live action remakes of beloved animated classics, acquisitions of Marvel, Star Wars, and 21st Century Fox, and the disruption of the streaming content industry with the launch of Disney+ (which eclipsed 50 million users after just 4 months). In this talk, you will learn how to apply Disney’s “innovate or die” approach to your content marketing strategy. After this session, attendees will be able to:

    • Overcome your content limitations
    • Replicate the Disney approach to content
    • Respond to industry disruption and pivot to get optimal results
    • Discover your strongest content pillars


    Writing for the Web Anne Marie Winz - Writing CoachCru


    You have a website, but what kinds of content are you creating? How are you promoting that content? Is it connecting with your audience?

    • Identify what makes your Web content shareable
    • Recognize why your audience shares your content
    • Apply our best practices from Cru and other ministry websites
    • Implement ideas for promoting your content via social media, even with limited resources. (Bonus: Learn about two great Cru resources!)


    Stop Building Websites Peter Green - Partner and CTO; Kedron Rhodes - Design StrategistAgathon Group


    You’ve built your website. You’ve planned and executed a huge launch. Everyone is buzzing with excitement… and a month later you realize it’s not remotely what your users need. Learn how to avoid building a website that merely serves your organization, and how to discover the digital portfolio that will engage your users day after day.


    Fundraising in these COVID-19 Times Kevin Shanley - PresidentShanley & Associates


    The COVID-19 shutdown has created an even greater need than usual for nonprofits to build their donor base. In this session, we will discuss digital strategies for fundraising. We’ll talk about donor touchpoints and share industry highlights and success stories, while looking ahead to year-end planning.


    Simple Data: Improve Your Marketing, Donations and Email Engagement Brian Setaro - Founder & CEONotion Digital


    Understanding and using data properly is what tells you if your marketing campaigns are successful, your email series is optimized and if your donation strategies are working. This session starts with a presentation on how Notion Digital has used data to create a large audience and a marketing machine. Tips will also be shared on how any organization can easily start improving how they use data. The conversation then picks up with other industry experts joining in on the conversation in a panel. They will be sharing their thoughts on how organizations are missing the mark on data, what’s working best for them and what changes they foresee coming to how data is used in the future with changes in practices and laws.

    SESSION speakers

    There are fifteen sessions featuring ministry and industry leaders, individuals who have risen to the top of their professions and are widely respected for their skills and knowledge. This is where you will be challenged, trained, and equipped to take your skills to a higher level.

    Intellectual Property and Contracts Attorney | TWR

    Teresa Artis

    Teresa Artis | TWR

    Studio Director | Journey Group

    Zack Bryant

    Zack Bryant | Journey Group

    Senior Digital Designer | Journey Group

    Jeremy Cherry

    Jeremy Cherry | Journey Group

    Media Consultant | Cooke Media Group

    Phil Cooke

    Phil Cooke | Cooke Media Group

    Co-Founder/Chief Vision Officer | The Denison Forum

    Jim Denison

    Jim Denison | The Denison Forum

    President and CEO | Infinity Concepts

    Mark Dreistadt

    Mark Dreistadt | Infinity Concepts

    Head of Global Faith-Based Partnerships | Facebook

    Nona Jones

    Nona Jones | Facebook

    Digital Media Producer | Christianity Today

    Morgan Lee

    Morgan Lee | Christianity Today

    Social Media Consultant | Delaware ShoutOut

    Brooke Miles

    Brooke Miles | Delaware ShoutOut!

    Media Consultant | Sabatier Consulting

    Lou Ann Sabatier

    Lou Ann Sabatier | Sabatier Consulting

    President | Shanley & Associates

    Kevin Shanley

    Kevin Shanley | Shanley & Associates

    CEO | HSL Digital

    Hilary Sutton

    Hilary Sutton | HSL Digital

    Director | Visual Story Network

    Clyde Taber

    Clyde Taber | Visual Story Network

    Social Media Marketer | Shanley & Associations

    Heidi Thompson

    Heidi Thompson | Shanley & Associates

    Senior Faculty for Online Media | Poynter Institute

    Al Tompkins

    Al Tompkins | The Poynter Institute

    Writing Coach | Cru

    Anne Marie Winz

    Anne Marie Winz | Cru

    SEO Services & Consulting | All About God

    Greg Outlaw

    Greg Outlaw | All About God

    Integrated Communications | Infinity Concepts

    Andy Walker

    Andy Walker | Infinity Concepts

    Chief Marketing Officer | Global Media Outreach

    Randy Valentine

    Randy Valentine | Global Media Outreach

    COO | Trinet Internet Solutions, Inc.

    Ron Weber

    Ron Weber | Trinet Internet Solutions

    Partner & Chief Growth Officer | Agathon

    Peter Green

    Peter Green | Agathon

    Design Strategist | Agathon

    Kedron Rhodes

    Kedron Rhodes | Agathon

    Author & Journalist

    Steve Rabey

    Steve Rabey | Journalist

    Founder and CEO | Notion Digital

    Brian Setaro

    Brian Setaro | Notion Digital


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    All the sessions will be recorded and available a few days following the event for viewing up to Dec. 31, 2020. Registered attendees may sign in to the Whova platform anytime during that window to view the sessions.

    Most sessions will include live Q&A with the speakers as well as a chat feature to interact with other attendees. Virtual meet ups will be available for anyone to schedule.

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