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    About the conference

    DigitalMediaCon 2.0 was a three-day online conference focusing exclusively on digital media and marketing for Christian communicators. The conference took place October 19-21, 2021. Now all sessions are available for on-demand viewing through December 31, 2021.

    The event was produced by the Evangelical Press Association (EPA) with the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE) as the co-presenting organization. An additional seven Christian media associations were participating partners.

    A virtual conference platform provides a single login space where registered attendees can conveniently access recorded sessions, interact through networking with community discussion boards, and browse the virtual exhibit floor. The platform will provide access to all sessions through December 31, 2021.

    conference KEYNOTE SPEAKERS

    Maximize Your Influence in Today’s Digital Culture: Why Everything You Know about Ministry has Changed

    Phil Cooke | Filmmaker, Writer, Media Consultant

    Filmmaker, writer, media consultant, and founder of Cooke Media Group, Phil Cooke has produced media programming in more than 60 countries around the world. He’s created and produced many of the most influential and successful Christian and inspirational TV programs in history, and his new book, “Maximize Your Influence,” is changing the way church and ministry leaders engage today’s digital culture with the gospel.

    Change: A User's Guide for Wreaking Havoc and Upsetting Everyone

    Dawn Baldwin | Founder & Lead Strategist for AspireOne

    Dawn has worked with ministries of all shapes and sizes to help them tell their stories more effectively. As founder and lead strategist for AspireOne, she’s a coach, consultant, and sought-after speaker. She led Visual Communications on staff at Willow Creek Community Church and was on the advertising team for Big Idea Productions (Creators of VeggieTales).

    The Best Message to Communicate

    Ben Stapley | Experience Director at Christ Fellowship Miami

    Ben serves on the executive team at Christ Fellowship Miami as the Weekend Experience Director overseeing worship, creative, production, online, communication and guest services. He also consults for churches and speaks at conferences about leadership, communication and creativity.

    A Conference all about Digital Communications and E-Marketing!

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    KEYNOTE ADDRESS: Maximize Your Influence in Today’s Digital Culture: Why Everything You Know About Ministry Has Changed Phil Cooke - Filmmaker, Writer, Media Consultant Cooke Media Group


    As a ministry leader or professional communicator in today’s media-driven digital culture, your greatest challenge is getting your voice and message heard. No matter how important your talent or calling, if nobody’s listening, then you’ve failed. The digital revolution has changed everything about the way we communicate the gospel, and in this session, Phil Cooke will share the most important principles for how to break through and get your message heard.


    Developing An Effective Digital Content Strategy Kristen Reyes-Tarsiuk - Senior Director of CreativeCRISTA Ministries


    Is the content you are creating producing the results you want? Just because you have a digital presence, does not mean you have a digital strategy. And great content doesn’t guarantee success. In this workshop we will walk through the steps of creating an effective digital content strategy that will connect you with the people God has called you to, so you can produce content that will engage your audience and ultimately reach your goals.

    You will learn:

    • The essential questions to ask as you develop your digital content strategy
    • Where your audience is and what content they prefer
    • Processes and systems to analyze and audit what you distribute
    • How to measure success


    Reaching Younger and More Diverse Audiences through Instagram Daniel Day - Director of Reclaim Today and PodcastingOur Daily Bread Ministries


    Millennials and GenZ’ers think differently, act differently, and look for different types of content. They are deeply concerned with how Christianity connects to everyday life, and desire to see how the Bible speaks to social issues like poverty, politics, sexuality, and creation care. Those in their 20s and 30s often see a disconnect between their faith and real-life, and sometimes that is directly related to the way the church tries to reach them. Daniel Day is the Director of Reclaim Today, a lifestyle content brand that creatively explores how we connect with God in the ordinary, extraordinary, every-day moments of life. His team specializes in using social platforms like Instagram, and he will be describing what it looks like to reach younger and more diverse audiences.


    Breaking the News Online While Getting it Right Bob Smietana - Senior WriterReligion News Service


    In a digital news environment, the pressure to break news is higher than ever, especially with SEO rewarding those who get a story out first. We look at how to get a story fast and right – how to avoid fake news, get the facts right, and build trust with sources so they will talk to you when they have a story to tell.


    The Virtuous Cycle of Digital Marketing for Publishers Heidi Thompson - Director of Social Media Marketing Shanley & Associates


    In this workshop we’ll discuss digital strategy for finding readers, subscribers and donors for faith-based publishers. We’ll look at examples from peer publications and how they are funding their journalism by raising more money online through subscriptions, donors and advertising.

    What you will learn:
    • The importance of email newsletters
    • How new products can repurpose your content to attract new readers and advertisers
    • What role social media should play in your overall digital strategy
    • Why your website navigation is critical to your publication’s financial sustainability


    BONUS Sessions — Best of 2020


    During this hour we will present three encore presentations from the Best of 2020 DigitalMediaCon. Watch on-demand during this hour or anytime later.

    day 2 agenda


    KEYNOTE: Change: A User's Guide for Wreaking Havoc & Upsetting Everyone Dawn Baldwin - Founder & Lead Strategist AspireOne


    It’s no surprise that no one likes change, even when it helps us. But this past year has opened up opportunities like never before, especially in digital media. As leaders, how do we navigate it all and get others on board without losing our sanity?


    I Have a Podcast … Now What? Erik K. Johnson - Podcast Talent Coach


    Discover how to grow your audience in six weeks or less. Develop your strategy to fill your audience with your ideal clients in as little at 30 minutes a day.

    What you will learn:
    • The 3 Ps necessary to grow your podcast audience that most podcast gurus don’t teach you
    • Why most podcasts don’t grow
    • Most importantly, how to overcome all of the tech struggles to make it as easy as possible


    Repurposing: Making Your Content Work Harder Russ Jones - Executive Producer Abide


    Isn’t it time to get more from your content creation efforts? You already know that “Content is King.” In this workshop, we’ll discuss how to go beyond “one-hit wonders” to expanding your existing content into a royal court. Reusing, recycling, and re-purposing across multiple channels is not only good for business but good for your brand. Executive Producer Russ Jones will share a few of his secrets that have resulted in explosive growth making Abide the #1 Christian meditation app.

    Expand your audience and bring in more leads – with content you created months ago! That great content just keeps working hard for you.

    Cross-promote content more easily on various social channels – with the right images, the right messages, without creating from scratch every day.

    Spend less money on writers, graphic designers, or VAs to create new content. And learn smart ways to repurpose your already purchased, licensed content.

    Spend less time every week creating content – with checklists, processes, shortcuts, and batching.

    Extend the “shelf-life” of your content – make it more evergreen so it works longer and your hard work isn’t wasted.


    Leading from a Distance: Strategies to Build Virtual Teams that Work Melody Rawlings - Director Center for the Advancement of Virtual Organizations at Northcentral University


    What are the key skills needed to lead a virtual team and support the success of the organization? In this session, you will be introduced to concepts surrounding team dynamics and the ways they are more challenging in the virtual environment. Melody Rawlings, Director of the Center for Advancement of Virtual Organizations at Northcentral University, will share strategies to overcome the challenges and maximize virtual team performance.

    What you will learn:
    • The most effective leadership styles for virtual teams
    • The importance of practicing authentic leadership
    • The art of virtual coaching


    How To Grow and Engage Your Audience Brian Setaro - Founder and CEO Notion Digital


    An audience is one of the most powerful assets of your organization. In this session you’ll learn different tips and tactics on how to grow your audience and, more importantly, how to get them to perform the actions you want (read your stories, give donations, make purchases, promoting your brand, etc). This session is led by the CEO of Notion Digital who created an audience of over 5 million people!


    BONUS Sessions — Best of 2020


    During this hour we will present three encore presentations from the Best of 2020 DigitalMediaCon. Watch on-demand during this hour or anytime later.

    day 3 agenda


    KEYNOTE ADDRESS Ben Stapley - Experience Director Christ Fellowship Miami




    Master Your Social Media with Time-Saving Tools & Techniques Brooke Miles - Social Media ConsultantDelaware ShoutOut


    Do you spend too much time on your social media…with not enough results? In this workshop, you’ll learn how to streamline your social media marketing program while upgrading the quality of your posts and increasing your exposure.

    What you will learn:
    • Choose the best social media sites (and ignore the rest)
    • Easily find content your audience will love
    • Streamline your process for crafting posts
    • Tap into time-saving, third-party tools
    • Understand which social media activities are most effective for business

    You’ll walk away with lots of practical techniques to enhance your social media in less time!


    Seeing is Believing: A behind-the-scenes look at how Cru Storylines produces award-winning digital photo feature stories (panel) Mel Copenny - Editor-in-Chief; Ted Wilcox - Photojournalist; Mark Winz - Managing Editor Cru Storylines


    From the pitch of a story idea, prayer, planning and trip preparation, to travel, creative development, editorial production and the subsequent publishing of an online photo story, join a panel of Cru Storylines’ staff as they take you on a tour of the process of creating an engaging digital photo feature story.

    What you will learn:
    • How to develop key steps and plan logistics for a successful story
    • How to capture photos that tell a story
    • Three types of journalistic writing styles

    Bonus: 10 important packing tips for traveling journalists


    Content Creation Tools and Tips for Non-Designers Christine Johns - Creative Coordinator Infinity Concepts


    Content, in every form of media, is king, but it is most significant on your website. If you want to inform, engage, and retain your audience, you must have content that is compelling and memorable. Creating balanced, quality content is a demanding process, but it doesn’t have to be painful! Participants will learn fundamental and essential techniques for creating key content for any web-related formats (e.g. websites, landing pages, e-newsletters, etc.), as well as simple methods for optimization. Various applications/tools will be discussed to help leverage productivity and save time.

    What you will learn:
    • Define what content is and where it is used
    • Discuss content formatting and how it can affect audience engagement
    • Explore ways to create, format, and optimize content using various web-based tools and applications


    Beyond the Screen: Communications Priorities in a Post-COVID World Palmer Holt - President; Diane Lonsdale - Chief Marketing Officer InChrist Communications


    The Beyond the Screen session will help you learn how to keep your readers, donors and prospects actively engaged beyond their phone or digital device. This discussion features a proprietary research study conducted by ICC in May 2021 concerning communications trends in the pandemic era. This session will feature prominent faith-based communicators who will illustrate research insights with real-life ministry examples. You will learn what the latest trends in the digital revolution mean for your organization … and what you need to do now to make sure your audience stays happily engaged.

    What you will learn:
    • Understand research insights about communications message and media trends post COVID.
    • Learn about the power of multi-media participatory platforms for engaging your audience digitally and in person.
    • View video testimonies from leading faith-based executive leaders and communicators demonstrating real-life innovative digital and live ministry practices.


    BONUS Sessions — Best of 2020


    During this hour we will present three encore presentations from the Best of 2020 DigitalMediaCon. Watch on-demand during this hour or anytime later.


    Watch any time on-demand


    2020 ENCORE: Developing The Right Web Strategy Mark Dreistadt and Andy Walker Infinity Concepts


    It is clear that every publication and every organization needs a professional website. But what is not always clear is what the publication wants the website to accomplish. Websites can be so much more than an online brochure or newsletter. Clearly defining the desired results is the first step in establishing the right web strategy. These objectives should then inform every aspect of a publication’s website and online presence. Sadly, this is often not the case. In this practical workshop, we will discuss the most common objectives your publication or organization may want to achieve online and provide practical solutions to move your online strategy from chaos to clarity.


    2020 ENCORE: Email Best Practices: Achieving Deeper Audience Engagement Lou Ann Sabatier Sabatier Consulting


    Even in uncertain times, your audience maintains their email inboxes with a keen eye. The first permission-based digital marketing channel, email remains the highest driver of ROI. It’s one of the earliest touchpoints to introduce your brand and content to your audience. The accessibility, reliability, and cost effectiveness of email remains constant.

    But using email to market and communicate during times of crisis can be tricky. It takes data-driven decisions as well as a thoughtful touch to create email that moves your audience closer to important moments. To help you navigate this uncertain email landscape, Sabatier will share tried-and-true tips and insight to guide you.

    This session will cover:
    • How Covid-19 has impacted email
    • Setting goals and measures
    • Building trust with your audience
    • Designing email for maximum impact
    • Delivering meaningful content
    • Integrating with your audience customer experience

    If you’re just getting started with email — or if you’re looking to improve what you’ve already built — this session will help you create email that resonates with your audience and proves its own value.


    2020 ENCORE: Teaching Your Audience to be Truth Sleuths Al Tompkins - Senior Faculty for Online Media The Poynter Institute


    You put a lot of effort into making sure your reporting is fair, true and accurate. But your audiences are under barrage from a firehose of social media, right wing, left wing, dark web, conspiracy groups and it is time for you to spend some energy teaching “media literacy.” In short, this session provides a framework for you to plan a way to make your audience(s) savvy media consumers.

    Imagine your work being used by Sunday Schools and Wednesday night classes with special attention on Seniors and younger consumers of social media how to separate truth from rumor, how to ask questions about studies, polls and whether images have been altered.


    2020 ENCORE: Social Media to Social Ministry Nona Jones - Strategies Partner Manager Facebook


    Digital discipleship principles will be presented for building an online community with practical instruction on how to do it no matter how big or small your organization may be.

    Nona Jones is strategic partner manager, communities for Facebook, the world’s leading social networking and social media company. In her role, Jones is responsible for helping develop and drive the product strategy undergirding Facebook’s mission of giving its two billion members the power to build community and bring the world closer together. Jones’s work partners Facebook with communities of faith, youth development organizations, communities of color, and organizations that serve women to broaden their reach and deepen their real-world impact.


    2020 ENCORE: 8 Things to Know About the Mobile Revolution Clyde Taber & Theresa Artis Visual Story Network


    Do you know how to cater your message to mobile devices? Here are eight things you need to know to stay current.


    2020 ENCORE: The Web We Want: Practical Tips for Digital Designers Jeremy Cherry & Zack Bryant Journey Group


    Journey Group’s Jeremy Cherry and Zack Bryant will share lessons learned working shoulder-to-shoulder serving organizations large and small. They’ll talk process, tools, and best practices for those who design for screens, and show a few favorite examples of where they hope the web is headed.


    2020 ENCORE: So You Wanna Be a Podcaster? Morgan Lee - Digital Media Producer Christianity Today


    All would-be podcasters need is a microphone, a recorder, and a cool logo, right? Right…and wrong. Christianity Today’s Morgan Lee has hosted and produced three podcasts, including the publication’s longest-running and most-popular show Quick to Listen. In this session, she will walk you through what you need to know to make compelling audio in a world where seemingly everyone has a podcast.


    2020 ENCORE: Become a Facebook Marketing Pro Brooke Miles - Social Media Consultant Delaware ShoutOut!


    Do you have a Facebook business page, but you’re not getting the results you want to promote your business? Learn proven techniques and streamlined strategies that deliver results. Topics include:
    • Static and dynamic content strategies
    • Building your audience
    • Video marketing
    • Facebook advertising
    • Leveraging Facebook groups alongside your business page

    Walk away with ideas you can use right away!

    SESSION speakers

    There are 12 live sessions featuring ministry and industry leaders, individuals who have risen to the top of their professions and are widely respected for their skills and knowledge. This is where you will be challenged, trained, and equipped to take your skills to a higher level.

    Senior Director of Creative | CRISTA Ministries

    Kristen Reyes-Tarsiuk

    Kristen Reyes-Tarsiuk | CRISTA

    Director of Reclaim Today and Podcasting | Our Daily Bread Ministries

    Daniel Day

    Daniel Day | Our Daily Bread Ministries

    Senior Writer | Religion News Service

    Bob Smietana

    Bob Smietana | Religion News Service

    Director of Social Media Marketing | Shanley & Associates, LLC

    Heidi Thompson

    Heidi Thompson | Shanley & Associates

    Podcast Talent Coach

    Erik K. Johnson

    Erik K. Johnson | Podcast Talent Coach

    Executive Producer | Abide Prayer and Christian Meditation app

    Russ Jones

    Russ Jones | Abide Meditation App

    Director | Center for the Advancement of Virtual Organizations at Northcentral University

    Melody Rawlings

    Melody Rawlings | Northcentral University

    Founder & CEO | Notion Digital

    Brian Setaro

    Brian Setaro | Notion Digital

    Social Media Consultant | Delaware ShoutOut

    Brooke Miles

    Brooke Miles | Delaware ShoutOut!

    Editor-in-Chief | Cru Storylines

    Melody Copenny

    Melody Copenny | Cru Storylines

    Photojournalist | Cru Storylines

    Ted Wilcox

    Ted Wilcox | Cru Storylines

    Managing Editor | Cru Storylines

    Mark Winz

    Mark Winz | Cry Storylines

    Creative Coordinator | Infinity Concepts

    Christine Johns

    Christine Johns | Infinity Concepts

    Founder & CEO | InChrist Communications

    Palmer Holt

    Palmer Holt | InChrist Communications

    Chief Marketing Officer | InChrist Communications

    Diane Lonsdale

    Diane Lonsdale | InChrist Communications

    Experience Director | Christ Fellowship Miami

    Ben Stapley

    Ben Stapley | Christ Fellowship Miama


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    All the sessions will be recorded and available a few days following the event for viewing for 90 days after the live event ends. Registered attendees may sign in to the Whova platform anytime during that window to view the sessions.

    Most sessions will include live Q&A with the speakers as well as a chat feature to interact with other attendees. Virtual meet ups will be available for anyone to schedule.

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